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To my surprise I found some postings on this Blog site. I honestly I had forgot about my Blog. I wanted to extent my apologizes to anyone who patiently waited and kept checking for a continuation of my “Boy Wonder Pin Up Boy” story. I have had numerous computer problems and unfortunately some heavy personal stuff to deal with the past year or so.

I can’t promise I will be able to continue my writing but I felt I had to post something here. If I do get back into the story I do promise to let anyone interested know.


One of the volunteer staff grabbed a green silk scarf from her pocket and came over and handed it to the “Riddler”. Who then quickly folded it and went in behind Jason. Betty instructed her to reach over his shoulder and hold the folded scarf just below Jason’s chin and she snapped a couple of shots then got a couple of more of her pulling the gag over Jason’s mouth and tying it snuggly at the back of his head. The sexy female villian did a few shots holding his chin and laughing and mugging for the camera.

Ms. Woods stood cooly watching then instructed her receptionist/costumed villianess to grab Jason’s hair and yank his head back and get rough with the “boy blunder”. She gladly did as Betty danced around them firing off photos. She gave her boss a thumbs up and a big smile. “Alright time for a break folks.” annouced Ms.Woods. With that some of the gathered people drifted away, some going out on the loading dock for fresh air, others leaving the area. Ms.Woods came over to Jason smiling. “Having fun my little boy blunder?” Jason could only nod, a beaming smile hidden by the silk clothed gag.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a very pretty red haired woman in her early 20’s staring at him. He had noticed her before. He turned to watch her pull a pack of Marlboros from her little leather purse and light it. Ms.Woods saw the woman too and called her over. She whispered something in the woman’s ear and they both laughed. “Well Robin I am going to leave you tied up there and Ms.Danning here (looking over at the red head) is going to keep an eye on you, don’t want you trying to escape do we. I have a couple of calls to make but I can already tell this Boy Wonder in Bondage is gonna be a big seller.” She laughed and left the room. The pretty woman moved closer to Robin and knelt down to his right. Just looking him over for a minute. She took a deep suck on her cigarette and blew the smoke, letting it wash over Jason’s tight covered legs and crotch.

“I always fatasized about having the Boy Wonder tied up, I always loved in the Batman show when they caught Robin and tied him up.” ,explained the pretty girl in a slow, sexy voice. Jason’s cock was tenting painfully in his shorts now. The woman reached out and slowly rubbed it and stroked it making Jason moan loudly through the snug gag.

“You make a very amazing Robin.” , she continued. “Wish I could be one of Riddler’s molls and help her torture you Boy Wonder.” She took another drag on her cigarette and smiled. Now a couple other female employees had gathered close by to ogle Jason too. The red head looked over at them and laughed. They both smiled and laughed too. “All the ladies here at the office were excited when they heard we were gonna do an issue about Robin the Boy Wonder in bondage. Ms.Woods said there is a chance myself and anyone else who wants to may get a chance to get some photos with you and help with the roping…what ya think of that?” Jason’s eyes were big as saucers and he gulped. Praying this night would never end! His obvious reaction brought giggles and laughter from all the gathered women. The woman continued to gently stroke Jason through his briefs as she finished her cigarette. Just then Ms.Woods and Betty the photographer returned. Ms.Woods annouced it was time to get Boy Wonder on the Shredder! And she ordered the women that had been gathered around Jason to untie him which they quickly began to do. Jason couldn’t wait to be tied up on the conveyor belt.
The three women held him tightly by the arms (which wasn’t neccessary, Jason had no plans to run away!) and they started to march him back towards the loading docks where he had originally saw the conveyor belts that fed into the giant steel shredding machine. “It’s curtains for Robin!” joked one of the women holding Jason. This was a night beyond his wildest dreams!
This was a night beyond his wildest dreams.

“Have a seat Robin.” snapped the pretty “Riddler”. Jason did as told and sat down on the large chair. The woman waited while some of the crew moved some lights and repositioned others. Miss Woods came over from chatting with Betty. She smiled at Jason. “Use lots of ropes on our caped do-gooder Riddler.” She smiled at her boss then at Jason. “Of course, gonna tie him up nice and tight.”
Betty signaled she had her camera ready and the sexy Riddler took a short length of white,silk rope and pulled Jason’s arms behind the back of the chair and started to expertly bind his wrists together. Jason looked around to see all of the mostly female crew watching him be tied up. Some still smoking, others sipping coffee from sytrofoam cups. He found it a major turn seeing all these people watching him ,as Robin, be tied up. He imagined they were some of this female Riddler’s henchmen and women.

There was no chance of even controling the raging boner he was experiencing and he didn’t even try. His huge bulge in his little briefs were getting as much attention as he was from the mod dressed women standing around gawking at him. A few of them quietly talking to each other and laughing and giggling.The woman quickly had his wrists bound snuggly. Miss Woods ordered a few shots of her striking taunting poses at Jason which Betty quickly took.

“Gag him now?” asked the sexy villianess as she stood next to Jason looking back at Miss Woods who was lighting another cigarette. She paused to ponder the question. “No, no not yet.” The woman next pulled the Boy Wonder’s ankles together and started to tie them together with a longer length of green nylon rope. Again Betty took photos from different ankles as she worked, asking her to freeze from time to time and sometimes asked Jason to pretend to pull on his ropes and look distressed. Which he did with great ease. Miss Woods ordered a few shots of Jason by himself now tied up hand and foot on the large chair. The kinky female Riddler took the opportunity to take a smoke break herself. Yelling out sexy taunts at Jason as she stood smoking. Jason was over the moon with excitement, enjoying every second of his bondage photography session.

Miss Woods, dropped her cigarette butt and stubbed it out with the heel of her shoe. “Okay time to gag our little Boy Wonder.” she snapped with a wicked smile.

A delighted Ms. Woods told Betty they would be there shortly. She turned her attention back to a still stunned Jason. “So do you understand and agree to what I am proposing my cute little caped do-gooder?” Jason was too excited and overwhelmed to speak and he just nodded yes. A smile most evident and spreading across his face. “Good, well let’s get you down to the warehouse floor and start getting some photos done of the Boy Wonder in trouble.” She rubbed her hands with glee as she said it.

She lead the way with Ross pushing Jason on the small of his back and out the door behind Ms. Woods. As they walked down a small flight of metal stairs he leaned in over Jason’s sholder and said in a meancing low voice. “You do as your told kid and don’t think about telling anyone about this place or you will be one dead Boy Wonder.” Jason realized he was very serious, a lump forming in his throat.

He was lead into a large room just off the shipping area that was already a hive of activity with a couple of people adjusting some lights and Jason could see a woman in the far corner sitting at a makesfift makeup table applying some lipstick. She was dressed in a Riddler’s outfit! A tight ,lime green shirt with black Question marks all over it and black leather pants, her back was to Jason. There was a big wooden high backed chair set up in front of a carefully arranged stack of boxes that had Question marks stenciled all over them. draped over some of the boxes were several long lengths of white and green colored ropes. The room was thick with cigarette smoke as the woman dressed as a female Riddler was smoking as were some of the people setting up lights and adjusting the set. They all turned to glance at Jason when he was brought in. Jason saw the woman he had bumped into in the hallway. She was helping Betty the photographer load a camera. She smiled when her eyes met Jason’s. Jason was beside himself with excitement.

Ms. Woods annouced that their Boy Wonder had arrived. She called Betty over and she explained to her and Jason that she wanted to shot a series of shots showing Jason coming in the door and snooping around the place before being grabbed from behind and chloroformed by none other then the arch Villian Riddler except this time it would be a female Riddler and on cue the woman got up from the makeup area and walked over to them. She now had on a green mask as well and as she got closer Jason recognized her, it was the Publishing company’s receptionist!

“Hi again Robin, remember me?” she said with a giggle, “Tonight I am the Riddler!” She took a pull on her cigarette as she stared at Jason with a big wicked smile. “And I get to capture and tie you up Boy Wonder!” She let out an evil giggle. Jason felt an instant hard on happening. “Please don’t be a dream!” he said to himself. “Don’t let this be a dream!” he repeated in his head.

With that they set to work with Betty getting a series of shots of Jason as the Boy Wonder coming into the room and snooping around with Ms. Woods coaching him and consulting with her photographer. The pretty receptionist and the rest of the employees just stood around off to the side watching, some of them smoking and sipping on coffees and soft drinks. Finally satisfied they got the photos they needed of Robin by himself they brought the female Riddler in. She smiled at Jason, seeing how nervous he was and seeing the obvious boner in his little briefs.

“Pretty excited eh?” she said to him glancing down at his bulge. Jason smiled and blushed brightly again. “My name is Gwen by the way but tonight you just refer to me as…the Riddler.” She laughed again. Obviously enjoying enjoying getting to play a villainess and capture Jason/Robin. They rehearsed and worked out how to pose for the series of shots of Gwen grabbing and chloroforming Jason.

Finally they set up for the first pose. Jason loved the whole fantasy of being chloroformed by a sexy criminal. The first pose they took showed Jason in the forground with Riddler in behind him with a green cloth clutched in her left hand and smiling. The next pose was a photo of the sexy female Riddler surprising Robin from behind, one arm wrapped around his upper chest as she shoved the “chloroform” soaked cloth over his mouth and nose. Betty snapped the shot and Gwen asked how it was. Ms. Woods instructed Jason to look more surprised, have more of a startled look on his face. They did a couple more poses of “The Riddler” grabbing Jason. Finally getting a shot of Jason pretending to be limp in the female villain’s clutches. Everyone was pleased. “Time to get our cute little caped do-gooder tied up!” annouced Ms. Woods as she lit another cigarette. The receptionist/Riddler walked Jason over to the big wooden chair he had seen when he first came in. She already had a couple of long lengths of rope in her hand. “Can’t wait to get you all roped and helpless Robin.” she said reaching down to lightly grope him as they walked. Laughing at his startled expression as she did.

Jason had a restless night and next day at school and was a nervous wreck as he once again packed his costume and headed to work. Wondering what faced him when he reached the warehouse. He ran into the receptionist who was standing outside with another worker having a smoke. She saw Jason and gave him a big smile and said something to the man she was with and they both laughed.

“Ms.Wood is waiting for you in her office.” she said as she tossed her cigarette and walked in with Jason. She patted his backpack. “Is your cute little outfit in there?” she asked. “Costume?” said Jason playing dumb. The cute young woman just giggled. She walked him to Ms.Woods office. “Our Boy Wonder is here.” she said as she ushered him in. Jason blushed. Ms.Wood was sitting at her desk and sitting in the corner was Ross who sneered at him and lit a cigarette. “So good of you to be on time Jason. You remember Ross.” she said as she motioned to the big man. Jason just nodded. The man just glared back. Seeing his backpack she smiled and to both his dismay and delight she told him to go get dressed into his Robin outfit.

“Pardon Ms.Woods.” She smiled as she reached for a pack of cigarettes. “You heard me.” she said in a stern voice. She told him he could use the washroom down the hall and come back and they would discuss what happened the night before.

Jason did as he was told and walked down to the washroom and into a stall and started to change into his costume.Filled with a mix of excitement, anticipation and a bit of dread. He heard someone come in just as he was ready to step out and waited until he heard them leave before coming out of the stall. He quickly checked himself in the washroom mirror. Adjusting his mask before taking a deep breath and stepping out into the hallway. He immediately bumped into another female employee, a very pretty woman dressed in a mod dress and lime green,vinyl knee high boots. She let out a little delighted gasp and stopped in her tracks as she turned to get a better look at the costumed teenager. “Holy crap it’s Robin!” she said. A big smile on her face as she looked Jason up and down. He mumbled a “ohh hello.” As he headed back to Ms. Woods office. He saw the receptionist peek around a doorway to see him as he walked back into the woman’s office.

She was on the phone and Ross was still sitting in the corner puffing on a cigarette. He again just sneered when he saw Jason walk in. Ms.Woods gestered for Jason to just stand in front of her big desk.
“Yes our new bondage model is standing in front of me as we speak. Oh yes…he will make a very hot Boy Wonder in bondage.” she said to the person she was speaking to and she laughed. Jason was stunned by what the woman had just said and he felt his heart start to race again. She paused to blow a plume of smoke into the air and laughed again. “Ohh he’ll co-operate and he’ll be perfect. We are going to do a shoot tonight actually and I’ll mail you the photos tomorrow. Okay, talk to you tomorrow.” She hung up and fully fixed her gaze on Jason who stood somewhat awkwardly in front of her, his hands behind his back. She took a long pull on her cigarette and blew out another stream of smoke before speaking.

“Well Jason I think it’s time I explain why I had you come back and dress up in your cute little outfit again.” She got up from her chair and came over to the teen and putting her hand on his shoulder walked him out the door and down to one of the rooms he had been told to never enter when he was orginally shown around the place. She went in first and told him to come in. Suddenly he looked over his shoulder to see Ross right behind him. She went over and opened a big cardboard box and pulled out a magazine and handed it to a still preplexed Jason. He was stunned by the cover , it had a photo of a pretty girl all tightly tied up with ropes and the title of the Mag was “Bound & Gagged”. His hands were shaking as he flipped through and saw all kinds of photo spreads of women and men Tied up in various situations. Jason felt a hand on his back. “What do you think Jason. Pretty cool?” Jason stood still gawking at the Bondage magazine in his hand. He was spechless. She explained that they really created and published Bondage magazines and used the whole Women’s magazines as a front. She told Jason they were planning on doing a superhero themed edition and now they had found their perfect Boy Wonder for it. She told him if he co-operated his little secret was safe with her. Just then the pretty photographer that jason had met the night before stuck her head in the room.
“We are all set up and ready to start shooting Ms.Woods.” She smiled and said they would be right down.

Jason started to lightly try and free his wrists as his pretty employer walked over, she was still dressed in the sexy outfit she had interviewed him in. Suddenly ,in a very strict voice, she said, “Lie still…stay where you are.” Jason did as he was told. His heart was racing again except now out of fear. Was she going to fire him? Call his parents!?, being just 17 his parents had to agree and approve of him working nights at the warehouse. Jason swallowed hard and watched as Ms. Woods just stood there really checking him out and she reached into the little leather purse she had slung over her shoulder and pulled out a pack of Marlboro’s and tapped one out of the pack and light it. Jason’s fear was slowly being replaced with sexual excitement and he suddenly realized he was getting a boner! He had not said a word yet when he suddenly started to mumble…

“Ummm hi again ma’am I…ummm I guess you’re wondering what I’m up to…” She cut him off as she reached over and put her hand on his crotch and lightly patted his bulge. “I can see what your up to.” She laughed. She ran her hand over his bulge and down his tight covered legs. “You make a very sexy Robin. If I do say so. This is a most unusal surprise.”
She stopped to take a deep pull on her cigarette. Jason was about to say something when she reached out again and hand gagged him with her slender fingers. Blowing her smoke across his masked face as she did. “You just be a good little Boy Wonder and keep that mouth shut. Understand? Only speak when I ask you something” Jason nodded yes and she took her hand off his mouth just as the other woman returned holding a professional looking still camera.


She introduced the woman as Betty, who was a staff photographer. “Hi Robin.” said the woman with a big grin. Ms. Wood ordered to start taking some shots of Jason tied up on the converyor belt. Jason couldn’t believe his ears or eyes as he watched the woman start to snap pics of him! Ms. Woods just stood watching and smoking, suggesting a few angles. She asked where Jason got such a cool Robin costume and he explained that he made some of it himself and bought some of it from a television/Threatrical costume company.

“He really does look like Robin doesn’t he Betty?” The pretty photographer agreed. She then suggested something was missing and reached into her purse to pull on a small silk handkerchief which she folded up and proceeded to gag Jason with, stepping back to see how it looked. “Perfect!” she annouced with a smile. She ordered Jason to really struggle which he happily obliged. Starting to really get off on the situation he now found himself in. He wasn’t sure why she was having these photos taken of him. He wasn’t thinking that far ahead. They took a few more photos of the now bound and gagged teenager before Ms.Woods declared they had enough. Ms.Woods walked her photographer to the door saying something that Jason couldn’t hear. Both then looked back at him and smiled then they both laughed.

Betty left and Ms. Woods returned to sit on the conveyor belt beside Jason. She explained that she was going to untie him now but he was to keep what happened to himself and to return to work as usual tomorrow night but he was to bring his Robin costume again. She flicked her butt on the floor and crushed it out then helped Jason free himself. As he climbed off the conveyor belt he was still very excited, and hard! And still trying to process what had happened and was happening. The woman lit another cigarette and proceeded to toy with Robin’s costume and grope him some more in the process. “You really do make a sexy little caped do-gooder. Unfortunately I had just stopped by to pick up some things from my office before going to an important meeting. So I have to get going.Which is a pity.” She reached out to give his package one more firm squeeze. “Lock up and go home. I’ll see you at 6 tomorrow…Robin.” She grinned after saying ‘Robin’. And left. Jason could hear her high heels echoing through the warehouse. The smoke from her cigarette still hanging in the air. He stood there still slightly stunned and thinking he must be dreaming and he didn’t want to wake up if he was!

With great hesitation he gathered up the ropes and the silk handkerchief she had left and put the pallet back on the stack where he got it and made his way to the change room where he got changed back into his regular clothes. “What was this woman up to?” he thought. his mind racing with the possibilities.

Jason raced home from school. He was excited to be starting a new job that night. He had managed to score a night job at a local small publishing company that had just set up in the city called Franklin Publications. According to the nice (and quite sexy thought Jason)woman that had interviewed him, a Ms. Woods, they published several small home improvement and Women’s Issue style magazines. Ms.Woods was a fantasy dream woman come true for Jason. She was in her late 30’s with long blonde hair and long sexy legs which were nicely on display since she wore a very short leather skirt. She had smoked a cigarette while she interviewed Jason which just added to her appeal as did her warm eyes and sweet smile. Jason was hired as night cleaner and he was told he would be working with a man for the first part of his shift but then would be by himself for the last couple of hours and would be the one to lock up and set the alarm system as the man had to leave to take care of a second building owned by the company.

He was excited because,besides the decent pay he would be making, he would have free run of the warehouse. While he was being given the grand tour he had spotted a couple of very cool looking conveyor belts and interesting spots to play out his Boy Wonder fantasies and he found himself drifting off into fantasies of being caught as Robin and tied up in the warehouse. Picturing himself wandering around in full Robin attire. He had been shown a couple of storage rooms crammed with boxes of magazines and told he was not to go into those rooms or touch anything in them which Jason found a wee bit strange. Of course he had planned to snoop there at first opportunity.

Knowing he should wait a few nights before attempting to bring his Boy Wonder crimefighting garb to work, just to be on the safe side, but unable to contain his excitement he had crammed his costume in his battered backpack before heading out to the sprawling warehouse of Franklin Publications that was situated in a pretty barren Industrial/warehouse section of the city.

He stood at the shipping recieving area as he had been instructed by Ms.Woods to wait with the man he was working with. His name was Ross. After a few minutes a van pulled up at the rear of the building and a very tall, gruff looking man in his 40’s stepped out. A cigarette hung from his mouth and he looked like someone you would see in a Police lineup, thought Jason. The man was dressed in grey overalls and wore a ragged baseball cap.

“You the new kid?” he said in a almost growling voice. Jason told him he was and held out his hand and introduced himself. The man ignored his outstretched hand and went right to the entrance door and punched in a code on the pad beside it. Jason followed him inside.

The man gave him a fast and cursory run down of Jason’s responsibilites and explained how to alarm the security system. He told Jason he would be leaving even earlier that evening. His job seemed straight forward to Jason and he liked hearing the man would be leaving earlier then his 10 p.m. time that he had been told by Ms. Woods. Ross was a man of few words and left Jason to do his work. Jason noticed he spent alot of time on the phone in the office. Jason kept busy doing what he had been shown and secretly scoping out interesting areas of the place and of course fantasizing. Ross definitely seemed like a criminal type and could picture him being the pretty Ms.Woods henchman.

Jason was dusting the office area when Ross stuck his head in the door and told him he was taking off. He asked Jason if he felt okay being by himself his first night and Jason nodded yes and the man left without even saying good night.Jason raced to a office window and watched Ross get into his run down looking van and drive off. His heart already racing with excitement. He waited an extra 5 minutes to make sure the man wasn’t coming back before running down to his locker that he had been assigned ,which was in a small room off the boiler room in the warehouse. With shaking hands he got out of his work issued overalls and shirt and into his Boy Wonder costume. Checking himself out in the mirror in the small little and grimy staff washroom. Looking at himself as Robin the Boy Wonder he went into instant fantasy state as he walked out of the basement and into the main part of the warehouse. He was anxious to do some self bondage and tie himself up on one of the conveyor belts he had seen in the shipping area.

The place was dead quiet except for the hum of ventilation fans.He had been careful to check for security cameras but hadn’t seen any. He had spotted a small room just off the office area that was full of ropes which again he thought was odd. Ropes in all sizes, colors and lengths, some hanging from hooks, some neatly coiled on a table. He had swung by there first and grabbed a few lengths of cotton rope. He just loved the excitement and risk factor walking through the warehouse dressed up as Robin. He made his way directly to one of the two long conveyor belts, the kind with the metal rollers used to roll the big cardboard boxes of magazines out to the trucks. He picked up a big wooden pallet and placed it on the rollers at the far end of the 40 foot conveyor belt. Planning to tie himself onto the pallet. He climbed up and lay on the pallet on his back for a second, heart still racing. Imagining the criminals about to tie him down on it after being caught snooping around their warehouse hideout and chloroformed perhaps.

“This is freakin’ amazing!” thought Jason. He proceded to first tightly tie his ankles to the pallet using one of the two 10 foot lengths of rope he had brought. He had been tying himself in fantasy bondage situations for so long now that he was very good at it and quick as well. He tied his wrists together above his head to a rung of the pallet and he started to struggle and tug on his bonds. Imagining the twisted gang gathering around him and the comveyor belt feeding the pallet he was bound on towards a giant chipper at the other end.The gang laughing and jeering him as he struggled helplessly. He was so into the fantasy that he hadn’t heard the “clip, clip” of high heeled shoes on the cement floor until they were very close. He jolted to reality apoun finally hearing the sound of the footsteps approaching then two women’s voices. He started to furiously try and free his hands. He recognized one of the voices as Ms. Woods. Just then she and another woman walked into the shipping area and they both turned to stare at Jason, lying, still tied on the pallet in his Boy Wonder outfit. Jason froze, shocked and jhe just stared back. Somehow Ms. Woods recognized him. She broke the silence and said…

“Well I didn’t realize we had hired the Boy Wonder as our new night janitor.Hello again Jason or should I say…Robin?” She smiled at Jason then at the woman with her. A slightly younger brunette with a very round but pretty face and piercing blue eyes. Her pretty comanion smiled back. Jason was surprised at their reaction and even more surprised when Ms.Woods told the woman to go get a camera!

The sexy older women resumed their double teaming of Jason. Torturing him without mercy with their spiked rubber gloves. His aunt’s friend suddenly reached out and grabbed the hair on the back of the teen’s head and yanked his head down to the bed very aggressively. “Quit jumping around so much brat!” ,she almost spit out. “Or…(she reached out and grabbed her still burning cigarette butt from the ashtray and held it between his balls) …I start burning these pathetic little things.”

Her stern tone left no doubt in Jason’s mind that she was very serious. He lay as still as he could with his Aunt still rubbing his cock with the spiked rubber glove. Her glee most evident on her face, loving every second of having her cute nephew bound and helpless in his little Robin costume. “Better listen to her, Robin. You don’t want to piss her off.” The two women traded smiles. Her friend suddenly got even closer to Jason and suddenly let her mouth swallow up his hard cock right up to the steel cock ring and she started to aggressively suck. Jason couldn’t help but buck a little. If it wasn’t for the cock ring he knew he would have exploded right then. He then couldn’t believe it when he felt the cock ring being loosened and slid up by the woman’s mouth and teeth as she continued to pump his hard on.

Then at the right moment she suddenly slid her mouth off Jason’s cock and together she and his aunt pumped his shaft with their gloved hands until within 20 seconds he was spurting. They continued to give him their hard hand job until he was limp in their grasp. Jason turned his face away and tried to rub some of the sweat off his face into the bed sheets. When he turned back his aunt was quietly puffing on her cigarette and gazing at him while her friend had started to pack away the kinky “toys”.

Jason was ordered to change his clothes and they didn’t allow him to clean up. His aunt walked him to the door and ordered him to go home. Her friend sat on the bed and lit another cigarette. “It was fun torturing you Boy Wonder.” she said with a slight smile. His aunt gave him a peck on his cheek as she grabbed his crotch and gave it a hard squeeze.
“Until we capture you again little blunder boy.” And she shoved him out the door. And with that Jason’s amazing night came to an end.

Hello all that have followed my boywonder bondage stories. My apologizes for not posting in a very long time. I am returning with new stories soon. Soon being…hopefully finish “Kinky Aunt” this weekend. As I have mentioned been busy dealing with some very difficult family situations. Thank you to those who continue to show interest.

She had a bit of trouble pulling Jason’s little Green briefs off, his cock had got so swollen, but she finally managed to pull them down over his legs and over his bound ankles.

“There…much better freeing this…(reaching out with her hand to tightly grasp Jason’s cock) Mmmm much better.” She started to slowly stroke the hard shaft and Jason didn’t even try to contain himself and he moaned. Just then his Aunt’s kinky “partner in crime” slipped a metal cock ring over the tip of his cock and down snugly to the base of the rock hard penis. Jason gasped as the tall woman then knelt down on the bed and lowered her hot mouth over the tip and flicked her tongue out and in over his cock slit. His cock expanding even more, if that was possible ,and making the cock ring tighten painfully around the base. The woman smiled and backed away and gave the costumed teen’s wang a playful slap with the palm of he hand.

“You are in deep trouble boy wonder.” she said in a most wonderfully sinister voice. “We are going to tirture you until you cry for mercy.” Jason gulped and thought to himself. “I am not going to last long!” He watched with a mix of excitement and trepidation as his Aunt’s friend started to take various strange tools and device sout of her large bag and lay them out on the end of the bed and on the big wood dressor. The two women excitedly discussing each item. They finally settled on a pair of black latex gloves which had small rubber spikes on the palm and along the fingers of the glove. Each woman put on a glove and then climbled back up on the bed on each side of the wide eyed Jason.

Together they started to run their gloved hand along Jason’s cock and massaging his balls. It felt amazing to jason and he bucked and moaned loudly. Both women enjoying his torment. “Hahaaaa squirm all you want blunder boy. Your torment is just beginning little Robin. And no Batman in sight.” chuckled his aunt. Pausing from her torturous hand job to light a fresh cigarette and just sitting for a moment and puffing on her cigarette and watching her friend run the spiked glove over her nephew’s cock and ball sack. Snickering and occassionally blowing a wash of smoke over the bound and helpless teen. Jason was of course loving every single second of his torture.

(To those patiently waiting for me to continue this story my apoligizes…just been insanely busy and dealing with some tough family stuff so bear with me!)